Create scrapable endpoints

InfluxDB scrapers can collect data from any HTTP(S)-accessible endpoint that returns data in the Prometheus data format. The links below provide information about the Prometheus data format and tools and clients that generate Prometheus-formatted metrics.

Prometheus Node Exporter

The Prometheus Node Exporter exposes a wide variety of hardware- and kernel-related metrics for *nix systems.

Monitoring linux host metrics with the Node Exporter

Prometheus exporters and integrations

Prometheus exporters and integrations export Prometheus metrics from third-party systems or services.

List of third-party exporters
Write a custom Prometheus exporter

Prometheus client libraries

Prometheus client libraries instrument applications for each of their respective languages. Application metrics are output to an HTTP(S) endpoint where they can be scraped.

Instrumenting a Go application for Prometheus
Writing Prometheus client libraries

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