influx v1 shell

The influx v1 shell subcommand starts an InfluxQL shell (REPL).

Set up database and retention policy (DBRP) mapping

InfluxQL queries require a database and retention policy to query data. In InfluxDB 2.7, databases and retention policies have been combined and replaced with buckets. To use the InfluxQL to query an InfluxDB 2.7 bucket, first map your DBRP combinations to an appropriate bucket. For more information, see Query data with InfluxQL.


influx v1 shell [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput typeMaps to ?
-c--active-configConfig name to use for commandstringINFLUX_ACTIVE_CONFIG
--configs-pathPath to the influx CLI configurations (default: ~/.influxdbv2/configs)stringINFLUX_CONFIGS_PATH
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDBstringINFLUX_HOST
--http-debugInspect communication with InfluxDB servers.
-o--orgOrganization name (mutually exclusive with --org-id)stringINFLUX_ORG
--org-idOrganization ID (mutually exclusive with --org)stringINFLUX_ORG_ID
--skip-verifySkip TLS certificate verificationINFLUX_SKIP_VERIFY
-t--tokenAPI tokenstringINFLUX_TOKEN


Authentication credentials

The examples below assume your InfluxDB host, organization, and token are provided by either the active influx CLI configuration or by environment variables (INFLUX_HOST, INFLUX_ORG, and INFLUX_TOKEN). If you do not have a CLI configuration set up or the environment variables set, include these required credentials for each command with the following flags:

  • --host: InfluxDB host
  • -o, --org or --org-id: InfluxDB organization name or ID
  • -t, --token: InfluxDB API token
Start an InfluxQL shell
influx v1 shell

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