influx bucket create

influx CLI 2.0.0+

InfluxDB 2.0.0+

Updated in CLI v2.1.0

The influx bucket create command creates a bucket in InfluxDB.


influx bucket create [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput typeMaps to ?
-c--active-configCLI configuration to use for commandstring
--configs-pathPath to influx CLI configurations (default ~/.influxdbv2/configs)stringINFLUX_CONFIGS_PATH
-d--descriptionBucket descriptionstring
-h--helpHelp for the create command
--hide-headersHide table headers (default false)INFLUX_HIDE_HEADERS
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDB (default http://localhost:8086)stringINFLUX_HOST
--http-debugInspect communication with InfluxDB servers.string
--jsonOutput data as JSON (default false)INFLUX_OUTPUT_JSON
-n--nameBucket namestringINFLUX_BUCKET_NAME
-o--orgOrganization name (mutually exclusive with --org-id)stringINFLUX_ORG
--org-idOrganization ID (mutually exclusive with --org)stringINFLUX_ORG_ID
-r--retentionDuration bucket retains data (0 is infinite, default is 0)duration
--schema-typeBucket schema type (explicit, default implicit) (Cloud only). For more information, see Manage bucket schema.string
--shard-group-durationBucket shard group duration (OSS only)string
--skip-verifySkip TLS certificate verificationINFLUX_SKIP_VERIFY
-t--tokenAPI tokenstringINFLUX_TOKEN

Valid --retention units are nanoseconds (ns), microseconds (us or µs), milliseconds (ms), seconds (s), minutes (m), hours (h), days (d), and weeks (w).


Authentication credentials

The examples below assume your InfluxDB host, organization, and token are provided by the active influx CLI configuration. If you do not have a CLI configuration set up, use the appropriate flags to provide these required credentials.

Create a bucket with infinite data retention
influx bucket create --name example-bucket
Create a bucket that retains data for 30 days
influx bucket create \
  --name example-bucket \
  --retention 30d
Create a bucket with a description
influx bucket create \
  --name example-bucket \
  --description "Example bucket description"
Create a bucket with a custom shard group duration

Custom shard group durations are only supported in InfluxDB OSS. The shard group duration must be shorter than the bucket’s retention period. For more information, see InfluxDB shards and shard groups.

influx bucket create \
  --name example-bucket \
  --retention 30d \
  --shard-group-duration 2d
Create a bucket with an explicit schema

Explicit bucket schemas are only supported in InfluxDB Cloud. For more information, see Manage bucket schema.

influx bucket create \
  --name my_schema_bucket \
  --schema-type explicit

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