InfluxDB 2.0 URLs

InfluxDB 2.0 is available both locally (OSS) or on multiple cloud providers in multiple regions (Cloud).

InfluxDB Cloud URLs

Each region has a unique InfluxDB Cloud URL and API endpoint. Use the URLs below to interact with your InfluxDB Cloud instances with the InfluxDB API, InfluxDB client libraries, influx CLI, or Telegraf.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

US West (Oregon)Oregon, USA
EU FrankfurtFrankfurt, Germany

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

US Central (Iowa)Iowa, USA

Microsoft Azure

West Europe (Amsterdam)Amsterdam, Netherlands
East US (Virginia)Virginia, USA


For InfluxDB OSS, the default URL is the following:


Customize your InfluxDB OSS URL

To customize your InfluxDB host and port, use the http-bind-address configuration option when starting influxd.

# Syntax
influxd --http-bind-address <custom-domain>:<custom-port>

# Example - Run InfluxDB at
influxd --http-bind-address

# Example - Run InfluxDB at http://localhost:8080
influxd --http-bind-address :8080

Configure DNS routing

You must configure DNS routing to successfully route requests to your custom hostname. Methods for configuring DNS routing vary depending on your operating system and network architecture and are not covered in this documentation.

New! Cloud or OSS?

InfluxDB OSS 2.0 release candidate

InfluxDB OSS v2.0.rc includes breaking changes that require a manual upgrade from all alpha and beta versions. For information, see:

Upgrade to InfluxDB OSS v2.0.rc