influxd run

InfluxDB OSS only

The influxd run command is the default command for influxd. It starts and runs all the processes necessary for InfluxDB to function.


influxd run [flags]

Because run is the default command for influxd, the following commands are the same:

influxd run

For information about other available InfluxDB configuration methods, see InfluxDB configuration options.


FlagDescriptionInput typeMapped to
--assets-pathOverride default assets by serving from a specific directory (developer mode)stringINFLUXD_ASSETS_PATH
--bolt-pathPath to boltdb database (default ~/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt)stringINFLUXD_BOLT_PATH
--e2e-testingAdd /debug/flush endpoint to clear stores; used for end-to-end tests (default false)INFLUXD_E2E_TESTING
--engine-pathPath to persistent engine files (default ~/.influxdbv2/engine)stringINFLUXD_ENGINE_PATH
-h--helpHelp for the influxd command
--http-bind-addressBind address for the REST HTTP API (default :9999)stringINFLUXD_HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS
--log-levelSupported log levels are debug, info, and error (default info)stringINFLUXD_LOG_LEVEL
--new-meta-storeEnables the new meta storeINFLUXD_NEW_META_STORE
--new-meta-store-read-onlyToggle read-only mode for the new meta store and duplicate reads between old and new store (default true)INFLUXD_NEW_META_STORE_READ_ONLY
--no-tasksDisables the task schedulerINFLUXD_NO_TASKS
--query-concurrencyNumber of queries allowed to execute concurrently (default 10)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_CONCURRENCY
--query-initial-memory-bytesInitial bytes of memory allocated for a query (default = query-memory-bytes)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_INITIAL_MEMORY_BYTES
--query-max-memory-bytesMaximum total bytes of memory allowed for queries (default = query-concurrency × query-memory-bytes)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_MAX_MEMORY_BYTES
--query-memory-bytesMaximum bytes of memory allowed for a single query (default unlimited, must be >= query-initial-memory-bytes)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_MEMORY_BYTES
--query-queue-sizeMaximum number of queries allowed in execution queue (default 10)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_QUEUE_SIZE
--reporting-disabledDisable sending telemetry data to https://telemetry.influxdata.comINFLUXD_REPORTING_DISABLED
--secret-storeData store for secrets (bolt or vault) (default bolt)stringINFLUXD_SECRET_STORE
--session-lengthTTL in minutes for newly created sessions (default 60)integerINFLUXD_SESSION_LENGTH
--session-renew-disabledDisables automatically extending session TTL on requestINFLUXD_SESSION_RENEW_DISABLED
--storeData store for REST resources (bolt or memory) (default bolt)stringINFLUXD_STORE
--tls-certPath to TLS certificate filestringINFLUXD_TLS_CERT
--tls-keyPath to TLS private key filestringINFLUXD_TLS_KEY
--tracing-typeSupported tracing types (log or jaeger)stringINFLUXD_TRACING_TYPE
--vault-addrAddress of the Vault server (example:
--vault-cacertPath to a PEM-encoded CA certificate filestringVAULT_CACERT
--vault-capathPath to a directory of PEM-encoded CA certificate filesstringVAULT_CAPATH
--vault-client-certPath to a PEM-encoded client certificatestringVAULT_CLIENT_CERT
--vault-client-keyPath to an unencrypted, PEM-encoded private key which corresponds to the matching client certificatestringVAULT_CLIENT_KEY
--vault-max-retriesMaximum number of retries when encountering a 5xx error code (default 2)integerVAULT_MAX_RETRIES
--vault-client-timeoutVault client timeout (default 60s)durationVAULT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT
--vault-skip-verifySkip certificate verification when communicating with VaultVAULT_SKIP_VERIFY
--vault-tls-server-nameName to use as the SNI host when connecting to Vault via TLSstringVAULT_TLS_SERVER_NAME
--vault-tokenVault authentication tokenstringVAULT_TOKEN

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