influxd run

InfluxDB OSS only

The influxd run command is the default command for influxd. It starts and runs all the processes necessary for InfluxDB to function.


influxd run [flags]

Because run is the default command for influxd, the following commands are the same:

influxd run

For information about other available InfluxDB configuration methods, see InfluxDB configuration options.


FlagDescriptionInput typeMapped to
--assets-pathOverride default assets by serving from a specific directory (developer mode)stringINFLUXD_ASSETS_PATH
--bolt-pathPath to boltdb database (default ~/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt)stringINFLUXD_BOLT_PATH
--e2e-testingAdd /debug/flush endpoint to clear stores; used for end-to-end tests (default false)INFLUXD_E2E_TESTING
--engine-pathPath to persistent engine files (default ~/.influxdbv2/engine)stringINFLUXD_ENGINE_PATH
-h--helpHelp for the influxd command
--http-bind-addressBind address for the REST HTTP API (default :8086)stringINFLUXD_HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS
--influxql-max-select-bucketsMaximum number of group by time buckets a SELECT statement can create. 0 allows an unlimited number of buckets.integer
--influxql-max-select-pointMaximum number of points a SELECT statement can process. 0 allows an unlimited number of points. This will only be checked every second so queries will not be aborted immediately when hitting the limit.integer
--influxql-max-select-seriesMaximum number of series a SELECT statement can run. 0 allows an unlimited number of series.integer
--log-levelSupported log levels are debug, info, and error (default info)stringINFLUXD_LOG_LEVEL
--new-meta-storeEnables the new meta storeINFLUXD_NEW_META_STORE
--new-meta-store-read-onlyToggle read-only mode for the new meta store and duplicate reads between old and new store (default true)INFLUXD_NEW_META_STORE_READ_ONLY
--no-tasksDisables the task schedulerINFLUXD_NO_TASKS
--query-concurrencyNumber of queries allowed to execute concurrently (default 10)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_CONCURRENCY
--query-initial-memory-bytesInitial bytes of memory allocated for a query (default = query-memory-bytes)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_INITIAL_MEMORY_BYTES
--query-max-memory-bytesMaximum total bytes of memory allowed for queries (default = query-concurrency × query-memory-bytes)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_MAX_MEMORY_BYTES
--query-memory-bytesMaximum bytes of memory allowed for a single query (default unlimited, must be >= query-initial-memory-bytes)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_MEMORY_BYTES
--query-queue-sizeMaximum number of queries allowed in execution queue (default 10)integerINFLUXD_QUERY_QUEUE_SIZE
--reporting-disabledDisable sending telemetry data to https://telemetry.influxdata.comINFLUXD_REPORTING_DISABLED
--secret-storeData store for secrets (bolt or vault) (default bolt)stringINFLUXD_SECRET_STORE
--session-lengthTTL in minutes for newly created sessions (default 60)integerINFLUXD_SESSION_LENGTH
--session-renew-disabledDisables automatically extending session TTL on requestINFLUXD_SESSION_RENEW_DISABLED
--storage-cache-max-memory-sizeMaximum size a shard’s cache can reach before it starts rejecting writes. (default 1.0 GiB)integer
--storage-cache-snapshot-memory-sizeSize at which the engine will snapshot the cache and write it to a TSM file, freeing up memory (default 25 MiB)integer
--storage-cache-snapshot-write-cold-durationLength of time at which the engine will snapshot the cache and write it to a new TSM file if the shard hasn’t received writes or deletes (default 10m0s)duration
--storage-compact-full-write-cold-durationDuration at which the engine will compact all TSM files in a shard if it hasn’t received writes or deletes (default 4h0m0s)duration
--storage-compact-throughput-burstRate limit in bytes per second that TSM compactions can write to disk (default 48 MiB)integer
--storage-max-concurrent-compactionsMaximum number of concurrent full and level compactions that can run at one time. A value of 0 results in 50% of runtime. GOMAXPROCS(0) used at runtime. Any number greater than zero limits compactions to that value. This setting does not apply to cache snapshotting.integer
--storage-max-index-log-file-sizeThreshold, in bytes, when an index write-ahead log file will compact into an index file. Lower sizes will cause log files to be compacted more quickly and result in lower heap usage at the expense of write throughput (default 1.0 MiB)integer
--storage-retention-check-intervalThe interval of time when retention policy enforcement checks run. (default 30m0s)Duration
--storage-series-file-max-concurrent-snapshot-compactionsMaximum number of concurrent snapshot compactions that can be running at one time across all series partitions in a databaseinteger
--storage-series-id-set-cache-sizeSize of the internal cache used in the TSI index to store previously calculated series resultsinteger
--storage-shard-precreator-advance-periodThe default period ahead of the endtime of a shard group that its successor group is created. (default 30m0s)Duration
--storage-shard-precreator-check-intervalThe interval of time when the check to pre-create new shards runs. (default 10m0s)Duration
--storage-tsm-use-madv-willneedControls whether we hint to the kernel that we intend to page in mmap’d sections of TSM files.
--storage-validate-keysValidates incoming writes to ensure keys only have valid unicode characters.
--storage-wal-fsync-delayThe amount of time that a write will wait before fsyncing. A duration greater than 0 can be used to batch multiple fsync calls. This is useful for slower disks or when WAL write contention is seen. (default 0s)
--vault-client-keyPath to an unencrypted, PEM-encoded private key which corresponds to the matching client certificatestringVAULT_CLIENT_KEY
--vault-max-retriesMaximum number of retries when encountering a 5xx error code (default 2)integerVAULT_MAX_RETRIES
--vault-client-timeoutVault client timeout (default 60s)durationVAULT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT
--vault-skip-verifySkip certificate verification when communicating with VaultVAULT_SKIP_VERIFY
--vault-tls-server-nameName to use as the SNI host when connecting to Vault via TLSstringVAULT_TLS_SERVER_NAME
--vault-tokenVault authentication tokenstringVAULT_TOKEN

New! Cloud or OSS?

InfluxDB OSS 2.0 release candidate 0

InfluxDB OSS v2.0.rc0 includes breaking changes that require a manual upgrade from all alpha and beta versions. For information, see:

Upgrade to InfluxDB OSS v2.0.rc0