Work with Kapacitor

The documents in this section present the key features of the Kapacitor daemon (kapacitord) and the Kapacitor client (kapacitor).

  • Kapacitor and Chronograf – presents how Kapacitor is integrated with the Chronograf graphical user interface application for managing tasks and alerts.
  • Kapacitor API Reference documentation – presents the HTTP API and how to use it to update tasks and the Kapacitor configuration.
  • Alerts - Overview – presents an overview of the Kapacitor alerting system.
  • Alerts - Using topics – a walk-through on creating and using alert topics.
  • Alerts - Event handler setup – presents setting up event handlers for HipChat and Telegraf, which can serve as a blueprint for other event handlers.
  • Dynamic data scraping – introduces the discovery and scraping features, which allow metrics to be dynamically pulled into Kapacitor and then written to InfluxDB.

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