SHOW STATS statement

Using the SHOW STATS statement

The InfluxQL SHOW STATS statement returns detailed measurement statistics on InfluxDB servers and available (enabled) components. Each component exporting statistics exports a measurement named after the module and various series that are associated with the measurement. To monitor InfluxDB system measurements over time, you can use the _internal database. For details on measurements available in the _internal database, see Measurements for monitoring InfluxDB OSS and InfluxDB Enterprise (_internal).

These statistics are all reset to zero when the InfluxDB service starts.

The SHOW STATS [FOR <component>] option

If you are interested in monitoring a specific InfluxDB component, use the SHOW STATS FOR <component>] to limit the results of the SHOW STATS statement to a specified module. The SHOW STATS FOR <component> statement displays detailed measurement statistics about a subsystem within a running influxd service.

If a component is specified, it must be single-quoted. In the following example, the available statistics for the httpd module are returned.


The SHOW STATS FOR 'indexes' option

The SHOW STATS statement does not list index memory usage unless you use the SHOW STATS FOR 'indexes' statement. This statement returns an estimate of memory use of all indexes.

Index memory usage is not reported with the default SHOW STATS statement because it is a potentially expensive operation.

SHOW STATS measurement details

The SHOW STATS statement returns the same statistics captured in the internal database, but only for the instant you run the statement.

For details on the measurement statistics returned, see InfluxDB _internal measurements.

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