kapacitor replay

The kapacitor replay command replays a task or query recording.

The times of the data points will either be relative to now or, if the -rec-time flag is included, the exact times in the recording. In either case, relative times between data points remain the same.


kapacitor replay [flags]


-no-waitRun replay in the background
-real-clockReplay data in real time, otherwise replay data as fast as possible
-rec-timeUse times saved in the recording instead of present times
-recordingRequired: Recording ID to replay
-replay-idID to assign to the replay (default is a random ID)
-taskTask ID


Replay a recording
kapacitor replay \
  -recording 4e0f09c5-1426-4778-8f9b-c4a88f5c2b66 \
  -task cpu_alert

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