Deploy InfluxData Platform components in Kubernetes

Install and configure the TICK stack—Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor—in Kubernetes.

Use Helm Charts to deploy InfluxData Platform components

InfluxData provides InfluxData Helm charts to install the platform on Kubernetes.

To install the InfluxDB 2.0 platform, use the following Helm charts:

To install the InfluxDB 1.x platform, use the following Helm charts:

Use the InfluxDB Operator

InfluxDB operator is a Kubernetes operator that can be used to deploy InfluxDB 1.x OSS in Kubernetes. The InfluxDB operator can handle operational tasks, like creating a backup, automatically. The operator currently has been tested on AWS’s Elastic Kubernetes Service and GCP’s Google Kubernetes Engine.

Deploy InfluxDB using the InfluxData operator

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Introducing InfluxDB 3.0

The new core of InfluxDB built with Rust and Apache Arrow. Available today in InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated.

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State of the InfluxDB Cloud Serverless documentation

The new documentation for InfluxDB Cloud Serverless is a work in progress. We are adding new information and content almost daily. Thank you for your patience!

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