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What is time series data?
Why shouldn’t I just use a relational database?

What is time series data?

Time series data is a series of data points each associated with a specific time. Examples include:

  • Server performance metrics
  • Financial averages over time
  • Sensor data, such as temperature, barometric pressure, wind speeds, etc.

Why shouldn’t I just use a relational database?

Relational databases can be used to store and analyze time series data, but depending on the precision of your data, a query can involve potentially millions of rows. InfluxDB is purpose-built to store and query data by time, providing out-of-the-box functionality that optionally downsamples data after a specific age and a query engine optimized for time-based data.

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The future of Flux

Flux is going into maintenance mode. You can continue using it as you currently are without any changes to your code.

Flux is going into maintenance mode and will not be supported in InfluxDB 3.0. This was a decision based on the broad demand for SQL and the continued growth and adoption of InfluxQL. We are continuing to support Flux for users in 1.x and 2.x so you can continue using it with no changes to your code. If you are interested in transitioning to InfluxDB 3.0 and want to future-proof your code, we suggest using InfluxQL.

For information about the future of Flux, see the following: