Publish event handler

The publish event handler publishes events to another topic.


The following publish event handler options can be set in a handler file.

topicslist of stringList of topic names to publish events.

Example: handler file

id: handler-id
topic: topic-name
kind: publish
    - system
    - ops_team

Using the publish event handler

The following setup sends an alert to the cpu topic with the message, “Hey, check your CPU”. A publish handler is added that subscribes to the cpu topic and publishes new alerts to other topics.

Create a TICKscript that publishes alert messages to a topic. The TICKscript below sends an alert message to the cpu topic any time idle CPU usage drops below 10%.


    .crit(lambda: "usage_idle" < 10)
    .message('Hey, check your CPU')

Add and enable the TICKscript:

kapacitor define cpu_alert -tick cpu_alert.tick
kapacitor enable cpu_alert

Create a handler file that subscribes to the cpu topic and uses the publish event handler to publish alerts to other topics.


id: publish-cpu-alert
topic: cpu
kind: publish
    - system
    - ops_team

Add the handler:

kapacitor define-topic-handler publish_cpu_alerts_handler.yaml

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The future of Flux

Flux is going into maintenance mode. You can continue using it as you currently are without any changes to your code.

Flux is going into maintenance mode and will not be supported in InfluxDB 3.0. This was a decision based on the broad demand for SQL and the continued growth and adoption of InfluxQL. We are continuing to support Flux for users in 1.x and 2.x so you can continue using it with no changes to your code. If you are interested in transitioning to InfluxDB 3.0 and want to future-proof your code, we suggest using InfluxQL.

For information about the future of Flux, see the following: