InfluxDB Line Protocol output data format

This page documents an earlier version of Telegraf. Telegraf v1.26 is the latest stable version. View this page in the v1.26 documentation.

The influx output data format outputs metrics into InfluxDB Line Protocol. InfluxData recommends this data format unless another format is required for interoperability.


  ## Files to write to, "stdout" is a specially handled file.
  files = ["stdout", "/tmp/metrics.out"]

  ## Data format to output.
  ## Each data format has its own unique set of configuration options, read
  ## more about them here:
  data_format = "influx"

  ## Maximum line length in bytes.  Useful only for debugging.
  influx_max_line_bytes = 0

  ## When true, fields will be output in ascending lexical order.  Enabling
  ## this option will result in decreased performance and is only recommended
  ## when you need predictable ordering while debugging.
  influx_sort_fields = false

  ## When true, Telegraf will output unsigned integers as unsigned values,
  ## i.e.: `42u`.  You will need a version of InfluxDB supporting unsigned
  ## integer values.  Enabling this option will result in field type errors if
  ## existing data has been written.
  influx_uint_support = false

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