dict.remove() function

The dict.remove() function removes a key value pair from a dictionary and returns an updated dictionary.

import "dict"

  dict: [1: "foo", 2: "bar"],
  key: 1


All paremeters are required


Dictionary to remove a key-value pair from.

Data type: Dictionary


Key to remove from the dictionary. Must be the same type as existing keys in the dictionary.

Data type: String | Boolean | Integer | Uinteger | Float | Time | Bytes


Remove a property from a dictionary
import "dict"

d = [1: "foo", 2: "bar"]

dNew = dict.remove(
  dict: d,
  key: 1

// Verify the key-value pairs was removed

dict.get(dict: dNew, key: 1, default: "")
// Returns an empty string

dict.get(dict: dNew, key: 2, default: "")
// Returns bar

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