influxctl database create

The influxctl database create command creates a new database with a specified retention period in an InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated cluster.

The retention period defines the maximum age of data retained in the database, based on the timestamp of the data. The retention period value is a time duration value made up of a numeric value plus a duration unit. For example, 30d means 30 days. A zero duration retention period is infinite and data will not expire. The retention period value cannot be negative or contain whitespace.

Valid durations units include
  • m: minute
  • h: hour
  • d: day
  • w: week
  • mo: month
  • y: year
Example retention period values
  • 0d: infinite/none
  • 3d: 3 days
  • 6w: 6 weeks
  • 1mo: 1 month (30 days)
  • 1y: 1 year
  • 30d30d: 60 days
  • 2.5d: 60 hours


influxctl database create [--retention-period 0s] <DATABASE_NAME>


DATABASE_NAMEInfluxDB database name


-h--helpOutput command help
--retention-periodDatabase retention period (default is 0s or infinite)


Create a database with an infinite retention period
influxctl database create mydb
Create a database with a 30 day retention period
influxctl database create \
  --retention-period 30d \

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