v1.databases() function

v1.databases() returns a list of databases in an InfluxDB 1.x (1.7+) instance.

Output includes the following columns:

  • databaseName: Database name (string)
  • retentionPolicy: Retention policy name (string)
  • retentionPeriod: Retention period in nanoseconds (integer)
  • default: Default retention policy for the database (boolean)
Function type signature
    ?host: string,
    ?org: string,
    ?orgID: string,
    ?token: string,
) => stream[{
    retentionPolicy: string,
    retentionPeriod: int,
    organizationID: string,
    default: bool,
    databaseName: string,
    bucketID: string,
For more information, see Function type signatures.



Organization name.


Organization ID.


InfluxDB URL. Default is http://localhost:8086.


InfluxDB API token.


List databases from an InfluxDB instance

import "influxdata/influxdb/v1"


Not supported in the Flux REPL

v1 functions can retrieve schema information when executed within the context of InfluxDB, but not from the Flux REPL.

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