math.yn() function

The math.yn() function returns the order-n Bessel function of the second kind.

Output data type: Float

import "math"

math.yn(n: 3, x: 3.14)

// Returns -0.4866506930365083



The order number used in the operation.

Data type: Integer


The value used in the operation.

Data type: Float

Special cases

math.yn(n:n, x: +Inf) // Returns 0
math.yn(n: 0, x: 0)  // Returns -Inf
math.yn(n: <0, x: 0)  // Returns +Inf if n is odd, -Inf if n is even
math.yn(n:n, x: <0)   // Returns NaN
math.yn(n:n, x:NaN)   // Returns NaN

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