influxd backup

This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB. InfluxDB v2.7 is the latest stable version. See the equivalent InfluxDB v2.7 documentation: influx backup.

The influxd backup command crates a backup copy of specified InfluxDB OSS database(s) and saves the files in an Enterprise-compatible format to PATH (directory where backups are saved).


influxd backup [flags] PATH


-portableGenerate backup files in a portable format that can be restored to InfluxDB OSS or InfluxDB Enterprise. Use unless the legacy backup is required.
-hostInfluxDB OSS host to back up from. Optional. Defaults to
-dbInfluxDB OSS database name to back up. Optional. If not specified, all databases are backed up when using -portable.
-rpRetention policy to use for the backup. Optional. If not specified, all retention policies are used by default.
-shardThe identifier of the shard to back up. Optional. If specified, -rp is required.
-startInclude all points starting with specified timestamp (RFC3339 format). Not compatible with -since.
-endExclude all points after timestamp (RFC3339 format). Not compatible with -since.
-sinceCreate an incremental backup of all points after the timestamp (RFC3339 format). Optional. Recommend using -start instead.
-skip-errorsContinue backing up the remaining shards when the current shard fails to backup.

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