Dual write to InfluxDB OSS and InfluxDB Cloud

If you want to back up your data in two places, or if you’re migrating from InfluxDB OSS to InfluxDB Cloud Serverless, you may want to set up Telegraf to dual write.

Use Telegraf to write to both InfluxDB OSS and InfluxDB Cloud Serverless simultaneously.

The sample configuration below uses:

Use the configuration below to write your data to both OSS and Cloud Serverless instances simultaneously.

Sample configuration

# Include any other input, processor, or aggregator plugins that you want to include in your configuration.

# Send data to InfluxDB OSS v2
  ## The URLs of the InfluxDB instance.
  ## Multiple URLs can be specified for a single cluster, only ONE of the
  ## urls will be written to each interval.
  ## urls exp:
  urls = ["http://localhost:8086"]

  ## OSS token for authentication.
  token = "${INFLUX_TOKEN_OSS}"

  ## Organization is the name of the organization you want to write to. It must already exist.
  organization = "ORG_NAME_OSS"

  ## Destination bucket to write to.
  bucket = "BUCKET_NAME_OSS"

# Send data to InfluxDB Cloud Serverless instance
  ## The URLs of the InfluxDB Cloud instance.

  urls = [""]

  ## Cloud token for authentication.
  token = "${INFLUX_TOKEN}"

  ## For InfluxDB Cloud Serverless, set organization to an empty string.
  organization = ""

  ## Destination bucket to write into.
  bucket = "BUCKET_NAME"

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