Use Telegraf to write data

Telegraf is InfluxData’s data collection agent for collecting and reporting metrics. Its vast library of input plugins and “plug-and-play” architecture lets you quickly and easily collect metrics from many different sources.

For a list of available plugins, see Telegraf plugins.


Basic Telegraf usage

Telegraf is a plugin-based agent with plugins are that enabled and configured in your Telegraf configuration file (telegraf.conf). Each Telegraf configuration must have at least one input plugin and one output plugin.

Telegraf input plugins retrieve metrics from different sources. Telegraf output plugins write those metrics to a destination.

Use the outputs.influxdb_v2 to write metrics collected by Telegraf to InfluxDB.

# ...

  urls = ["http://localhost:8086"]
  token = "${INFLUX_TOKEN}"
  organization = "ORG_ID"
  bucket = "BUCKET_NAME"

# ...

Replace the following:

  • ORG_ID: your InfluxDB Serverless organization ID.
  • BUCKET_NAME: the name of the bucket to write to.

In the example, INFLUX_TOKEN is an environment variable assigned to an InfluxDB API token with write permission to the bucket.

For more information, see Manually configure Telegraf.

Use Telegraf with InfluxDB

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