Telegraf commands and flags

The telegraf command starts and runs all the processes necessary for Telegraf to function.


telegraf [commands]
telegraf [flags]


configPrint out full sample configuration to stdout.
versionPrint version to stdout.


--aggregator-filter <filter>Filter aggregators to enable. Separator is :.
--config <file>Configuration file to load.
--config-directory <directory>Directory containing additional *.conf files.
--deprecation-listPrint all deprecated plugins or plugin options.
--watch-configRestart Telegraf on local configuration changes. Use either fs notifications (inotify) or polling (poll). Disabled by default
--plugin-directory <directory>Directory containing *.so files to search recursively for plugins. Found plugins are loaded, tagged, and identified.
--debugEnable debug logging.
--input-filter <filter>Filter input plugins to enable. Separator is :.
--input-listPrint available input plugins.
--output-filterFilter output plugins to enable. Separator is :.
--output-listPrint available output plugins.
--pidfile <file>File to write PID to.
--pprof-addr <address>pprof address to listen on. Disabled by default.
--processor-filter <filter>Filter processor plugins to enable. Separator is :.
--quietRun in quiet mode.
--section-filter <filter>Filter configuration sections to output (agent, global_tags, outputs, processors, aggregators and inputs). Separator is :.
--sample-configPrint full sample configuration.
--onceGather metrics once, write them, and exit.
--testGather metrics once and print them.
--test-waitNumber of seconds to wait for service inputs to complete in test or once mode.
--usage <plugin>Print plugin usage (example: telegraf --usage mysql).
--versionPrint Telegraf version.


Generate a Telegraf configuration file

telegraf config > telegraf.conf

Generate configuration with only CPU input and InfluxDB output plugins defined

telegraf --input-filter cpu --output-filter influxdb config

Run a single Telegraf configuration, outputting metrics to stdout

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --test

Run Telegraf with all plugins defined in configuration file**

telegraf --config telegraf.conf

Run Telegraf, enabling the CPU and memory input plugins and InfluxDB output plugin**

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --input-filter cpu:mem --output-filter influxdb

Run Telegraf with pprof

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --pprof-addr localhost:6060

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