Prometheus output data format

This page documents an earlier version of Telegraf. Telegraf v1.24 is the latest stable version.

The prometheus data format converts metrics into the Prometheus text exposition format. When used with the prometheus input, the input should use the metric_version = 2 option to properly round trip metrics.

Warning: When using histogram and summary types, we recommend using only the prometheus_client output. If a metric spans multiple batches, the output for histogram and summary types may not be correct. This issue can be somewhat, but not fully, mitigated by using outputs that support writing in “batch format”.


  files = ["stdout"]
  use_batch_format = true

  ## Include the metric timestamp on each sample.
  prometheus_export_timestamp = false

  ## Sort prometheus metric families and metric samples.  Useful for
  ## debugging.
  prometheus_sort_metrics = false

  ## Output string fields as metric labels; when false string fields are
  ## discarded.
  prometheus_string_as_label = false

  ## Data format to output.
  ## Each data format has its own unique set of configuration options, read
  ## more about them here:
  data_format = "prometheus"


Example input

cpu,cpu=cpu0 time_guest=8022.6,time_system=26145.98,time_user=92512.89 1574317740000000000
cpu,cpu=cpu1 time_guest=8097.88,time_system=25223.35,time_user=96519.58 1574317740000000000
cpu,cpu=cpu2 time_guest=7386.28,time_system=24870.37,time_user=95631.59 1574317740000000000
cpu,cpu=cpu3 time_guest=7434.19,time_system=24843.71,time_user=93753.88 1574317740000000000

Example output

# HELP cpu_time_guest Telegraf collected metric
# TYPE cpu_time_guest counter
cpu_time_guest{cpu="cpu0"} 9582.54
cpu_time_guest{cpu="cpu1"} 9660.88
cpu_time_guest{cpu="cpu2"} 8946.45
cpu_time_guest{cpu="cpu3"} 9002.31
# HELP cpu_time_system Telegraf collected metric
# TYPE cpu_time_system counter
cpu_time_system{cpu="cpu0"} 28675.47
cpu_time_system{cpu="cpu1"} 27779.34
cpu_time_system{cpu="cpu2"} 27406.18
cpu_time_system{cpu="cpu3"} 27404.97
# HELP cpu_time_user Telegraf collected metric
# TYPE cpu_time_user counter
cpu_time_user{cpu="cpu0"} 99551.84
cpu_time_user{cpu="cpu1"} 103468.52
cpu_time_user{cpu="cpu2"} 102591.45
cpu_time_user{cpu="cpu3"} 100717.05

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