Differences between Telegraf 0.13 and 0.12

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of Telegraf, which is no longer actively developed. Telegraf v1.13 is the most recent stable version of Telegraf.

This page aims to ease the transition from Telegraf 0.12 to Telegraf 0.13. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the differences between the versions. See Telegraf’s Changelog for detailed release notes.

Remove tags from measurements on inputs and outputs with tagexclude and taginclude

The tagexclude and taginclude filters can be configured per input or output.


Only include the cpu tag in the measurements for the cpu plugin:

  percpu = true
  totalcpu = true
  taginclude = ["cpu"]

Exclude the fstype tag from the measurements for the disk plugin:

  tagexclude = ["fstype"]

New filestat plugin

The new filestat input plugin gathers metrics about file existence, size, and other stats. See the filestat README.md for more information.

Configuration file environment variable

With Telegraf 0.13, you can set the environment variable TELEGRAF_CONFIG_PATH to the path of your configuration file and start the process.

Telegraf first checks for the -config command line option and then for the environment variable. If you do not supply a configuration file, Telegraf uses the internal default configuration.

Breaking changes

Telegraf 0.13 makes breaking changes to the jolokia plugin, docker plugin, and the win_perf_counters plugin. Please see Telegraf’s Changelog for more information .