Install and configure the TICK stack

There are multiple ways to install and configure the InfluxData Platform (also known as the TICK stack). Included below are several installation options and relevant links for exploring the InfluxData Platform and its TICK stack components.

InfluxData Sandbox Installation

The InfluxData Sandbox is the quickest way to get the OSS TICK stack up and running and ready for exploration and testing. It uses Docker and Docker Composer to build and network each component of the TICK stack.

InfluxData OSS Installation

Instructions for installing and configuring all components of the open source TICK stack – Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor.

InfluxData Production Installation (Coming)

An end-to-end walkthrough for installing and production-ready Enterprise TICK stack is coming soon. In the mean time, information about installing each component of an Enterprise TICK stack can be found using the following links:

Installing Telegraf
Installing InfluxDB Enterprise
Installing Chronograf
Installing Kapacitor Enterprise

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