Delete Kapacitor Flux tasks

Use the kapacitor CLI or the Kapacitor HTTP API to delete Kapacitor Flux tasks. Provide the task ID to delete. Task IDs are provided in task list output.

Use the kapacitor flux task delete command to delete a Kapacitor Flux task. Provide the following flag:

* Required

  • *-i, --id: Task ID to delete
kapacitor flux task delete --id 000x00xX0xXXx00

Use the following request method and endpoint to delete a Kapacitor Flux task.

DELETE /kapacitor/v1/api/v2/tasks/{taskID}

Provide the following with your request (* Required):

Path parameters

  • * taskID: Task ID to delete
# Delete task ID 000x00xX0xXXx00
curl --request DELETE 'http://localhost:9092/kapacitor/v1/api/v2/tasks/000x00xX0xXXx00'

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