Kapacitor user types and permissions

Kapacitor user types and permissions only apply when using internal Kapacitor authorizations. If using InfluxDB Enterprise, Kapacitor inherits user permissions from the InfluxDB Enterprise authorization service.

User types

The following user types are available in Kapacitor:

  • admin: Kapacitor user with full permissions.
  • normal: Kapacitor user with explicitly set permissions.

User permissions

The following user permissions are available in Kapacitor. Multiple permissions can be assigned to a single normal user.

  • none: Grant no permissions.
  • api: Grant permissions for CRUD actions through the Kapacitor API.
  • config_api: Grant permission to configure Kapacitor through the API.
  • write_points: Grant permission to write points to Kapacitor.
  • all: Grant all permissions.

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