Aggregate event handler

The aggregate event handler aggregates multiple events into a single event. It subscribes to a topic and aggregates published messages within a defined interval into an aggregated topic.


The following aggregate event handler options can be set in a handler file.

intervaldurationHow often to aggregate events. Interval must be specified in nanoseconds.
topicstringA topic into which to publish the aggregate events.
messagestringA template string where {{.Interval}} and {{.Count}} are available for constructing a meaningful message.

Example: handler file

id: handler-id
topic: topic-name
kind: aggregate
  interval: 300000000000
  topic: agg_5m
  message: '{{.Count}} new events in the last {{.Interval}}'

Using the aggregate event handler

The aggregate event handler subscribes to a topic and aggregates messages published to that topic at specified intervals. The TICKscript below, cpu_alert.tick, publishes alerts to the cpu topic if CPU idle usage is less than 10% (or CPU usage is greater than 90%).


      .crit(lambda: "usage_idle" < 10)

Add and enable this TICKscript with the following:

kapacitor define cpu_alert -tick cpu_alert.tick
kapacitor enable cpu_alert

Create a new handler file, aggregated_cpu_alerts.yaml, using the aggregate event handler that subscribes to the cpu topic, aggregates alerts from the last 10 minutes, and publishes aggregated messages to a new aggr_cpu topic. Handler files can be YAML or JSON.


id: aggr_cpu_alerts_10m
topic: cpu
kind: aggregate
  interval: 600000000000
  topic: aggr_cpu
  message: '{{.Count}} CPU alerts in the last {{.Interval}}'

Add the handler file:

kapacitor define-topic-handler aggr_cpu_alerts_10m.yaml

Aggregated CPU alert messages will be published to the aggr_cpu topic every 10 minutes. Further handling of the aggregated events can be configured on the aggr_cpu topic.

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