About the project

Kapacitor is open source and we welcome contributions from the community.

If you want Kapacitor to be able to output to your own endpoint see Contributing new Kapacitor output nodes.

Kapacitor release notes

View the Kapacitor release notes for important information about Kapacitor releases.

Contributions and licenses

Third Party Software

InfluxData products contain third party software, which means the copyrighted, patented, or otherwise legally protected software of third parties that is incorporated in InfluxData products.

Third party suppliers make no representation nor warranty with respect to such third party software or any portion thereof. Third party suppliers assume no liability for any claim that might arise with respect to such third party software, nor for a customer’s use of or inability to use the third party software.

The list of third party software components, including references to associated licenses and other materials, is maintained on a version by version basis.

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