The following is a list of examples in no particular order that demonstrate some of the features of Kapacitor. These guides assume you’re familiar with the basics of defining, recording, replaying and enabling tasks within Kapacitor. See the getting started guide if you need a refresher.

Calculating rates across joined series + backfill

Learn how to join two series and calculate a combined results, plus how to perform that operation on historical data.

Live leaderboard of game scores

See how you can use Kapacitor to create a live updating leaderboard for a game.

Load directory

Put TICKscripts, TICKscript templates, and handler definitions in a directory, from where they will be loaded when the Kapcitor daemon boots.

Custom anomaly detection

Integrate your custom anomaly detection algorithm with Kapacitor.

Continuous Queries

See how to use Kapacitor as a continuous query engine.

Socket-based UDF

Learn how to write a simple socket-based user-defined function (UDF).

Template tasks

Use task templates to reduce the amount of TICKscripts you need to write.

Reference TICKscripts

Some examples of TICKscripts built against common Telegraf plugin data.

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