Sensu event handler

This page documents an earlier version of Kapacitor. Kapacitor v1.6 is the latest stable version. View this page in the v1.6 documentation.

Sensu is a service that provides infrastructure, service, and application monitoring as well as other metrics. Kapacitor can be configured to send alert messages to Sensu.


Configuration as well as default option values for the Sensu event handler are set in your kapacitor.conf. Below is an example configuration:

  enabled = true
  addr = "sensu-client:3030"
  source = "Kapacitor"
  handlers = ["hander1-name", "handler2-name"]


Set to true to enable the Sensu event handler.


The Sensu Client host:port address.


Default “Just-in-Time” (JIT) source.


List of Sensu handlers to use.


The following Sensu event handler options can be set in a handler file or when using .sensu() in a TICKscript.

sourcestringSensu source for which to post messages.
handlerslist of stringsSensu handler list. If empty, uses the handler list from the configuration.
metadatamap of key value pairsAdds key values pairs to the Sensu API request.

Example: handler file

id: handler-id
topic: topic-name
kind: sensu
  source: Kapacitor
    - handler1-name
    - handler2-name
    key1: value1
    key2: 5
    key3: 5.0

Example: TICKscript

  // ...
    .handlers('handler1-name', 'handler2-name')
    .metadata('key1', 'value1')
    .metadata('key2', 5)
    .metadata('key3', 5.0)

Using the Sensu event handler

With the Sensu event handler enabled and configured in your kapacitor.conf, use the .sensu() attribute in your TICKscripts to send alerts to Sensu or define a Sensu handler that subscribes to a topic and sends published alerts to Sensu.

Sensu settings in kapacitor.conf

  enabled = true
  addr = ""
  source = "Kapacitor"
  handlers = ["tcp", "transport"]

Send alerts to Sensu from a TICKscript

The following TICKscript uses the .sensu() event handler to send the message, “Hey, check your CPU”, to Sensu whenever idle CPU usage drops below 10%.


    .crit(lambda: "usage_idle" < 10)
    .message('Hey, check your CPU')

Send alerts to Sensu from a defined handler

The following setup sends an alert to the cpu topic with the message, “Hey, check your CPU”. A Sensu handler is added that subscribes to the cpu topic and publishes all alert messages to Sensu.

Create a TICKscript that publishes alert messages to a topic. The TICKscript below sends an alert message to the cpu topic any time idle CPU usage drops below 10%.


    .crit(lambda: "usage_idle" < 10)
    .message('Hey, check your CPU')

Add and enable the TICKscript:

kapacitor define cpu_alert -tick cpu_alert.tick
kapacitor enable cpu_alert

Create a handler file that subscribes to the cpu topic and uses the Sensu event handler to send alerts to Sensu.


id: sensu-cpu-alert
topic: cpu
kind: sensu
  source: Kapacitor
    - tcp
    - transport

Add the handler:

kapacitor define-topic-handler sensu_cpu_handler.yaml

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