Add a member

Use the influx command line interface (CLI) to add a member to an organization and optionally make that member an owner across all organizations.

Add a member to an organization using the influx CLI

  1. Get a list of users and their IDs by running the following:

    influx user list
  2. To add a user as a member of an organization, use the influx org members add command. Provide the following:

    • Organization name
    • User ID
    • (Optional) --owner flag to add the user as an owner (requires an operator token)
    influx org members add \
      -n <org-name> \
      -m <user-ID>
    influx org members add \
      -n <org-name> \
      -m <user-ID> \

For more information, see the influx org members add command.

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