Use the Google Data Studio connector

The InfluxDB Google Data Studio connector lets you create reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio with data from InfluxDB Cloud or InfluxDB OSS 2.6. The connector supports one measurement per organization.

Add the InfluxDB Connector to Data Studio

  1. Add the InfluxDB Connector data source.
  2. Enter the following connection details:
  1. Click Connect.

Create a report of InfluxDB data in Data Studio

  1. Once you’re connected, a list of fields available from your measurement, including the tag set, field set, and timestamp appear. Review the list of fields and edit as needed.
  2. Click CREATE REPORT to create the report.
  3. Customize the visualization in your report.

Example use case with COVID-19 data

For an example of how to use this connector, see a COVID-19 report powered by InfluxDB.

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Set your InfluxDB URL

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