Create an organization

This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB. InfluxDB v2.6 is the latest stable version. View this page in the v2.6 documentation.

Use the InfluxDB user interface (UI) or the influx command line interface (CLI) to create an organization.

Organization and bucket limits

A single InfluxDB 2.3 OSS instance supports approximately 20 buckets actively being written to or queried across all organizations depending on the use case. Any more than that can adversely affect performance. Because each organization is created with a bucket, we do not recommend more than 20 organizations in a single InfluxDB OSS instance.

Create an organization in the InfluxDB UI

  1. In the navigation menu on the left, click the Account dropdown.

  2. Select Create Organization.

  3. In the window that appears, enter an Organization Name and Bucket Name and click Create.

Create an organization using the influx CLI

Use the influx org create command to create a new organization. A new organization requires the following:

  • A name for the organization
# Syntax
influx org create -n <org-name>

# Example
influx org create -n my-org

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Set your InfluxDB URL

Linux Package Signing Key Rotation

All signed InfluxData Linux packages have been resigned with an updated key. If using Linux, you may need to update your package configuration to continue to download and verify InfluxData software packages.

For more information, see the Linux Package Signing Key Rotation blog post.

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