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This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB. InfluxDB v2.5 is the latest stable version. View this page in the v2.5 documentation.

View notification rule details and statuses and notifications generated by notification rules in the InfluxDB user interface (UI).

To view notification rules:

  1. In the navigation menu on the left, select Alerts.

  2. Select Notification Rules near to top of the page.

View a list of all notification rules

The Notification Rules section of the Alerts landing page displays all existing checks.

View notification rule details

Click the name of the check you want to view. The check builder appears. Here you can view the check query and logic.

View statuses generated by a notification rule

Click the icon on the notification rule, and then View History. The Statuses History page displays statuses generated by the selected check.

View notifications triggered by a notification rule

  1. Click the icon on the notification rule, and then View History.
  2. In the top left corner, click Notifications. The Notifications History page displays notifications initiated by the selected notification rule.

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