influxd print-config

This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB. InfluxDB v2.4 is the latest stable version.

The influxd print-config command prints a full InfluxDB configuration resolved from the current influxd environment. The command formats output as YAML.

Use influx CLI server-config

influxd print-config is deprecated in InfluxDB v2.2.

To display the runtime server configuration, use the influx server-config command or the /api/v2/config InfluxDB API endpoint. For more information, see how to view your server configuration.

influxd print-config does not output the configuration of the running server. Rather, it evaluates the current environment, config file, and flags passed to the influxd print-config command. It is unaware of configuration options passed to the influxd command at runtime.

For example, with the following configuration value:

# Configuration file
log-level: info

and --log-level provided at startup:

influxd --log-level warn

influxd print-config displays

log-level: info

influxd print-config log-level warn displays

log-level: warn


influxd print-config [flags]

For information about available InfluxDB configuration methods, see InfluxDB configuration options.


FlagDescriptionInput type
-h--helpHelp for print-config
--key-namePrint the value of a specific configuration keystring


influxd print-config
influxd print-config --key-name=http-bind-address

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