Downgrade InfluxDB

To downgrade from InfluxDB 2.1 to a previous 2.x version, use the influxd downgrade command to downgrade the metadata schema used by influxd to match the metadata schema of a older release.

InfluxDB does not guarantee backwards-compatibility with older releases in its embedded metadata stores. Attempting to start an older influxd binary with a BoltDB or SQLite file that has been migrated to a newer schema will result in a startup error similar to:

Error: up: reading migrations: migration "...": migration specification not found

To downgrade from InfluxDB 2.1 to a previous 2.x version:

  1. Run influxd downgrade using the 2.1 influxd binary. Specify the previous InfluxDB version to downgrade to. For example, to downgrade to InfluxDB 2.0:

    influxd downgrade 2.0
  2. Install the earlier version of InfluxDB:

  3. Start InfluxDB with the earlier versioned influxd binary.

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