influxd downgrade

Use the influxd downgrade command to downgrade the metadata schema used by influxd to match the metadata schema of a older release.

InfluxDB does not guarantee backwards-compatibility with earlier releases. Attempting to start an older influxd binary with a BoltDB or SQLite file that has been migrated to a newer schema will result in a startup error. This command downgrades metadata schemas to match the schemas of an older release and allows the older influxd binary to boot successfully.

Run this command prior to downgrading the influxd binary.


influxd downgrade [flags] <target-version>


FlagDescriptionInput type
--bolt-pathPath to BoltDB database (default is ~/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt)string
-h--helpHelp for downgrade
--log-levelLog level (debug, info (default), warn or error)string
--sqlite-pathPath to SQLite database (default is influxd.sqlite in the bolt path directory)string


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