Flux Profiler package

The Flux Profiler package provides performance profiling tools for Flux queries and operations. Import the profiler package:

import "profiler"


The Profiler package includes the following options:


Enable Flux profilers.

Data type: Array of strings

import "profiler"

option profiler.enabledProfilers = [""]

Available profilers


The query profiler provides statistics about the execution of an entire Flux script. When enabled, results returned by yield() include a table with the following columns:

  • TotalDuration: total query duration in nanoseconds.
  • CompileDuration: number of nanoseconds spent compiling the query.
  • QueueDuration: number of nanoseconds spent queueing.
  • RequeueDuration: number fo nanoseconds spent requeueing.
  • PlanDuration: number of nanoseconds spent planning the query.
  • ExecuteDuration: number of nanoseconds spent executing the query.
  • Concurrency: number of goroutines allocated to process the query.
  • MaxAllocated: maximum number of bytes the query allocated.
  • TotalAllocated: total number of bytes the query allocated (includes memory that was freed and then used again).
  • RuntimeErrors: error messages returned during query execution.
  • flux/query-plan: Flux query plan.
  • influxdb/scanned-values: value scanned by InfluxDB.
  • influxdb/scanned-bytes: number of bytes scanned by InfluxDB.

Use the query profiler

Use the query profiler to output statistics about query execution.

import "profiler"

option profiler.enabledProfiles["query"]

// ... Query to profile

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