math.atanh() function

The math.atanh() function returns the inverse hyperbolic tangent of x.

Output data type: Float

import "math"

math.atanh(x: 0.22)

// Returns 0.22365610902183242



The value used in the operation. x should be greater than -1 and less than 1. Otherwise, the operation will return NaN.

Data type: Float

Special cases

math.atanh(x: 1)   // Returns +Inf
math.atanh(x: ±0)  // Returns ±0
math.atanh(x: -1)  // Returns -Inf
math.atanh(x: <-1) // Returns NaN
math.atanh(x: >1)  // Returns NaN
math.atanh(x: NaN) // Returns NaN

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