tickscript.compute() function

The tickscript.compute() function is a user-contributed function maintained by the package author and can be updated or removed at any time.

The tickscript.compute() function is an alias for that changes a column’s name and optionally applies an aggregate or selector function.

import "contrib/bonitoo-io/tickscript"

  column: "_value",
  fn: sum,
  as: "example-name"

TICKscript helper function is a helper function meant to replicate TICKscript operations like the following:

// Rename
query("SELECT x AS y")

// Aggregate and rename
query("SELECT f(x) AS y")



Column to operate on. Default is _value.

Data type: String


Aggregate or selector function to apply.

Data type: Function


(Required) New column name.

Data type: String


For examples, see

Package author and maintainer

Github: @bonitoo-io, @alespour
InfluxDB Slack: @Ales Pour

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