influxd restore

InfluxDB OSS only

The influxd restore command restores backup data and metadata from an InfluxDB backup directory.

Shut down the influxd server before restoring data.

The restore process

When restoring data from a backup file set, InfluxDB temporarily moves existing data and metadata while restore runs. After restore completes, the temporary data is deleted. If the restore process fails, InfluxDB preserves the data in the temporary location.

For information about recovering from a failed restore process, see Restore data.

By default, restore rebuilds the index and series file using the default options for influxd inspect build-tsi. To customize the build-tsi performance options, include --rebuild-index false with influxd restore, then manually run influxd inspect build-tsi.


influxd restore [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput type
--bolt-pathPath to target boltdb database (default is ~/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt)string
--engine-pathPath to target persistent engine files (default is ~/.influxdbv2/engine)string
--credentials-pathPath to target persistent credentials files (default is ~/.influxdbv2/credentials)string
--backup-pathPath to backup filesstring
--rebuild-indexRebuild the TSI index and series file based on the --engine-path (default is true)
-h--helpHelp for the restore command

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