influxd inspect verify-wal

InfluxDB OSS only

The influxd inspect verify-wal command analyzes the Write-Ahead Log (WAL) to check if there are any corrupt files. If it finds corrupt files, the command returns the names of those files. It also returns the total number of entries in each scanned WAL file.


influxd inspect verify-wal [flags]

Output details

influxd inspect verify-wal outputs the following for each file:

  • The file name.
  • The first position of any identified corruption or “clean” if no corruption is found.

After the verification is complete, it returns a summary with:

  • The number of WAL files scanned.
  • The number of WAL entries scanned.
  • A list of files found to be corrupt.


FlagDescriptionInput Type
--data-dirThe data directory to scan (default ~/.influxdbv2/engine/wal).string
-h--helpHelp for the verify-wal command.

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