Run a task

This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB. InfluxDB v2.1 is the latest stable version. View this page in the v2.1 documentation.

InfluxDB data processing tasks generally run in defined intervals or at a specific time, however, you can manually run a task from the InfluxDB user interface (UI) or the influx command line interface (CLI).

Run a task from the InfluxDB UI

  1. In the navigation menu on the left, select Tasks.

  2. Hover over the task you want to run and click the icon.

  3. Select Run Task.

Run a task with the influx CLI

Use the influx task run retry command to run a task.

To run a task from the influx CLI, the task must have already run at least once.

Authentication credentials

The examples below assume your InfluxDB host, organization, and token are provided by the active influx CLI configuration. If you do not have a CLI configuration set up, use the appropriate flags to provide these required credentials.

# List all tasks to find the ID of the task to run
influx task list

# Use the task ID to list previous runs of the task
influx task run list --task-id=0000000000000000

# Use the task ID and run ID to retry a run
influx task run retry --task-id=0000000000000000 --run-id=0000000000000000

Retry failed task runs

Use the influx task retry-failed command to retry failed task runs.

# Retry failed tasks for a specific task
influx task retry-failed \
  --id 0000000000000000

# Print information about runs that will be retried
influx task retry-failed \

# Retry failed task runs that occurred in a specific time range
influx task retry-failed \
  --after 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z \
  --before 2021-01-01T23:59:59Z

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