Back up data

InfluxDB OSS only

Use the influx backup command to back up data and metadata stored in InfluxDB. InfluxDB copies all data and metadata to a set of files stored in a specified directory on your local filesystem.

If you set up InfluxDB using v2.0.0-beta.1 or earlier, you cannot back up data. Root tokens created prior to v2.0.0-beta.2 do not have the necessary permissions. To succesfully use the backup tool, set up a new InfluxDB instance using v2.0.0-beta.2+.

The influx backup command cannot back up data stored in InfluxDB Cloud.

The influx backup command requires:

  • The directory path for where to store the backup file set
  • The root authorization token (the token created for the first user in the InfluxDB setup process).
Back up data with the influx CLI
# Syntax
influx backup -p <backup-path> -t <root-token>

# Example
influx backup \
  -p path/to/backup_$(date '+%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M') \
  -t xXXXX0xXX0xxX0xx_x0XxXxXXXxxXX0XXX0XXxXxX0XxxxXX0Xx0xx==

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