InfluxDB concepts

Understanding the following concepts will help you get the most out of InfluxDB.

Key concepts

A brief explanation of the InfluxDB core architecture.

Glossary of terms

A list of InfluxDB terms and their definitions.

Comparison to SQL

Design insights and tradeoffs

A brief treatment of some of the performance tradeoffs made during the design phase of InfluxDB

Schema and data layout

A useful overview of the InfluxDB time series data structure and how it affects performance.

TSM storage engine

An overview of how InfluxDB to stores data on disk and uses TSM for in-memory indexing.

TSI (Time Series Index) overview

An overview of how InfluxDB uses TSI (Time Series Index) for disk-based indexing.

TSI (Time Series Index) details

A detail look at understanding how TSI works, the file structure, and tooling.

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