Administer InfluxDB

The administration documentation contains all the information needed to administer a working InfluxDB installation.

Configuring InfluxDB

Information about the config file influx.conf

Authentication and authorization

Covers how to set up authentication and how to authenticate requests in InfluxDB. This page also describes the different user types and the InfluxQL for managing database users.


Information about upgrading from previous versions of InfluxDB

Enabling HTTPS

Enabling HTTPS encrypts the communication between clients and the InfluxDB server. HTTPS can also verify the authenticity of the InfluxDB server to connecting clients.

Logging in InfluxDB

Information on how to direct InfluxDB log output.


Backing up and restoring

Procedures to backup data created by InfluxDB and to restore from a backup.

Managing security

Overview of security options and configurations.

Stability and compatibility

Management of breaking changes, upgrades, and ongoing support.


To revert to a prior version, complete the same steps as when Upgrading to InfluxDB 1.8.x, replacing 1.8.x with the version you want to downgrade to. After downloading the release, migrating your configuration settings, and enabling TSI or TSM, make sure to rebuild your index.

Note: Some versions of InfluxDB may have breaking changes that impact your ability to upgrade and downgrade. For example, you cannot downgrade from InfluxDB 1.3 or later to an earlier version. Please review the applicable version of release notes to check for compatibility issues between releases.

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