influxd restore

This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB. InfluxDB v2.1 is the latest stable version. See the equivalent InfluxDB v2.1 documentation: influx restore.

The influxd restore command restores backup data and metadata from an InfluxDB backup directory.

Shut down the influxd server before restoring data.


influxd restore [flags]


FlagDescriptionMaps To
-portableActivate portable restore mode, which consumes files in an improved Enterprise-compatible format that includes a manifest. If not specified, the legacy restore mode is used.INFLUXDB_CONFIG_PATH
-hostInfluxDB OSS host to connect to where the data will be restored
-dbName of database to be restored from the backup (InfluxDB OSS or InfluxDB Enterprise).
-newdbName of the InfluxDB OSS database to import archived data into. Optional. If not specified, then the value of -db <db_name> is used. The new database name must be unique to the target system.
-rpName of retention policy to restore. Optional. Requires that db is specified.
-newrpName of retention policy to restore to. Optional. Requires that -rp is specified.
-shardShard ID to restore. Optional. Requires that -db and -rp are specified.

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