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InfluxDB Clustered is a highly available InfluxDB 3.0 cluster hosted and managed on your own infrastructure. The InfluxDB time series platform is designed to handle high write and query loads. Learn how to use and leverage InfluxDB Clustered for your specific time series use case.

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InfluxDB 3.0

InfluxDB 3.0 is InfluxDB’s next generation that unlocks series limitations present in the Time Structured Merge Tree (TSM) storage engine and allows infinite series cardinality without any impact on overall database performance. It also brings with it native SQL support and improved InfluxQL performance.

View the following video for more information about InfluxDB 3.0:

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The future of Flux

Flux is going into maintenance mode. You can continue using it as you currently are without any changes to your code.

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