testing.benchmark() function

The testing.benchmark() function executes a test case without comparing test output with the expected test output. This lets you accurately benchmark a test case without the added overhead of comparing test output that occurs in

Function type: Test

import "testing"

  case: exampleTestCase



Test case to benchmark.

Data type: Function


Define and benchmark a test case

The following script defines a test case for the sum() function and enables profilers to measure query performance.

import "testing"
import "profiler"

option profiler.enabledProfilers = ["query", "operator"]

inData = "

outData = "

t_sum = (table=<-) =>
    |> range(start:2021-01-01T00:00:00Z, stop:2021-01-03T01:00:00Z)
    |> sum())

test _sum = () =>
  ({input: testing.loadStorage(csv: inData), want: testing.loadMem(csv: outData), fn: t_sum})

testing.benchmark(case: _sum)

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