drop() function

The drop() function removes specified columns from a table. Columns are specified either through a list or a predicate function. When a dropped column is part of the group key, it will be removed from the key. If a specified column is not present in a table, it will return an error.

Function type: Transformation
Output data type: Record

drop(columns: ["col1", "col2"])

// OR

drop(fn: (column) => column =~ /usage*/)


Make sure fn parameter names match each specified parameter. To learn why, see Match parameter names.


Columns to be removed from the table. Cannot be used with fn.

Data type: Array of strings


A predicate function which takes a column name as a parameter (column) and returns a boolean indicating whether or not the column should be removed from the table. Cannot be used with columns.

Data type: Function


Drop a list of columns
from(bucket: "example-bucket")
	|> range(start: -5m)
	|> drop(columns: ["host", "_measurement"])
Drop columns matching a predicate
from(bucket: "example-bucket")
  |> range(start: -5m)
  |> drop(fn: (column) => column =~ /usage*/)

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