influx write

The influx write command writes data to InfluxDB via stdin or from a specified file. Write data using line protocol or annotated CSV.


influx write [flags]
influx write [command]


dryrunWrite to stdout instead of InfluxDB


FlagDescriptionInput typeMaps to ?
-c--active-configCLI configuration to use for commandstring
-b--bucketBucket namestringINFLUX_BUCKET_NAME
--bucket-idBucket IDstringINFLUX_BUCKET_ID
--configs-pathPath to influx CLI configurations (default ~/.influxdbv2/configs)stringINFLUX_CONFIGS_PATH
--debugOutput errors to stderr
--encodingCharacter encoding of input (default UTF-8)string
--error-filePath to a file used for recording rejected row errorsstring
-f--fileFile to importstring
--formatInput format (lp or csv, default lp)string
--headerPrepend header line to CSV input datastring
-h--helpHelp for the dryrun command
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDB (default http://localhost:9999)stringINFLUX_HOST
--max-line-lengthMaximum number of bytes that can be read for a single line (default 16000000)integer
-o--orgOrganization namestringINFLUX_ORG
--org-idOrganization IDstringINFLUX_ORG_ID
-p--precisionPrecision of the timestamps (default ns)stringINFLUX_PRECISION
--rate-limitThrottle write rate (examples: 5 MB / 5 min or 1MB/s).string
--skipHeaderSkip first n rows of input datainteger
--skipRowOnErrorOutput CSV errors to stderr, but continue processing
--skip-verifySkip TLS certificate verification
-t--tokenAuthentication tokenstringINFLUX_TOKEN
-u--urlURL to import data fromstring

New! Cloud or OSS?

InfluxDB OSS 2.0 now generally available!

InfluxDB OSS 2.0 is now generally available and ready for production use. See the InfluxDB OSS 2.0 release notes.

For information about upgrading to InfluxDB OSS 2.0, see: